Give or receive a SOLIDARITY shirt

There are three ways to make a solidarity purchase that will help us provide shirts to people who can't afford one. Scroll down if you want to request a free shirt for yourself. 

1. Buy something from this page 

Products with the “solidarity price” label are sold at a higher markup. Buy something for yourself and $10 from each sale will go towards our solidarity fund. Scroll to the bottom to see the available items. 

2. Make a cash contribution 

Donate the full cost of a shirt using the payment form by clicking the “give a shirt” button, which will take you to a secure payment platform. You can also change the quantity if you want to give more than one shirt. 

Give a shirt

3. Give one to a specific person 

If you want to buy for a friend just use their name and address at checkout.

Alternatively, if you'd like to give anonymously to someone and you don't have their information, we can reach out to them on your behalf and ask for their details. Just use the form on this page or shoot an email to to arrange this. We'll follow up with you to arrange payment. 

Can't afford a shirt? Request a free one! 

Thanks to generous folks who have purchased solidarity shirts, we have stock available for people who can't afford one. You can even select your preferred slogan, style and colour. 

If you want something from this store and can't afford to get it for yourself, you can either use the form below or contact to organise a free shirt or to go on the waiting list if we're all out. 

Contribute $10 to the solidarity fund with each purchase

* 10.0% GST included in prices.
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